Haris D. Konstantinidis, MD – PhD
General Surgeon, Doctor of Aristotelian University Medical School

Chief Director of Robotic and Minimally
Invasive General and Oncologic Surgery Department

Head of American Institute of Minimally Invasive Surgery (AIMIS) Robotic and Advanced Laparoscopic General Surgery Department

Our goal is to offer a rich source of information about the object and the applications of modern surgery. We cite data for both classic surgery and it’s new applications, including laparoscopic, robotic surgery, and also laser surgery. All the above, which are defined as “Minimally Invasive Surgery” are the field of interest of Dr H.D. Konstantinidis. We are referring to the broad public worldwide, and also to medical professionals, presenting the latest data of modern surgery, filtered through the long specialisation and experience of the surgical team of Dr H.D. Konstantinidis.

Surgical Procedures

The surgical team of Dr H.D. Konstantinidis applies the latest methods of classic general and oncologic surgery, while simultaneously specializes in laparoscopic, robotic and laser surgery. Fields of special interest for us are also morbid obesity surgery, vein surgery, surgical gynaecology and thoracoscopic surgery.

Robotic surgery


After the establishment of Laparoscopic Surgery, the new revolution of 21st century in the field of Minimally Invasive Surgery is Robotic Surgery.

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Laparoscopic surgery


One of the greatest evolutions in medical science, and definitively the greatest in General Surgery during the 20th century, is Laparoscopic Surgery.

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Surgical oncology


Surgical Oncology is a specialty of general surgery and its object is the surgical treatment of several neoplasms.

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Hemorrhoids treatment


Haemorrhoids locate at the anus, being a natural anatomic element. In fact they are a network of veins carrying blood all over the anal canal.

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Biliary surgery


The treatment of biliary is exclusivelly surgical. Laparoscopic and robotic surgery apply and conventional procedures have actually been depricated.

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Thyroid Surgery


Human body has multiple endocrine glands, which control multiple and important functions of the body, with the several hormones that secrete into blood.

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